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Cell: 647 522-0666 (Toronto, Canada)

Thank you for visiting my blog below are some of my works.

“Volkswagen galaxy”

Woltswagon Galaxy

The above car model was created in 7hours start to finish. The focus of this exercise was to practice speed modelling and optimization.


“20000 leagues under the sea, The Nautilus Parlor .”

The parlor was created in 3 weeks from start to finish. The scene used 2 (1024×1024) and 4(512×512) Diffuse maps and 3(1024×1024 normal maps). It was my final for the game art and design program I took a Centennial College.

“Elden Rus Village” Unity 3D engine.

The above small village asset set was modeled and textured and rigged for collision in unity in 2 weeks. Part of a freelance contract to Kobeco Games LTD 2012

“Hitman Weapons Case” (IOS via Unity 3D)

Below is a wire frame brake down. Triangulated for collision in Unity 3D



“Law Giver Mark#3 (Judge Dredd Universe)”

“The Lazy Mac Loader”

Basic rig. (sorry from time to time the gif brakes)

“Star Wars Speeder Bike” (yes we all need more starwars)

House in San Diego Cuba.

Below is the original Image taken on location.

Copyrigh Steve Matassica Photography 2012

Below is a render of the collision mesh from Unity 3D.

“Apollo 11 Lunar lander”

Thank you for takeing the time to look threw my works.


Thanks for the input

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